How to Use Phenibut to Maximize Focus and Zen

An Actionable Guide by John Booker

Focus with Zen-Like Precision

Hey guys, today I’m likely to tell you the most useful tool I know to put you in the best possible mind-frame for dating, intercourse, and simply feeling good overall.

This killer device is known as: Phenibut

To summarize: Phenibut is a legal and an easily available nutritional supplement which considerably reduces anxiety, nervousness, helps leaves you in control on times and the bed room. It also boosts up your sense of well-being (self-esteem), and more (which we shall list below).

So What On Earth is Phenibut?

Phenibut, discovered by the Soviet Union in the 1960’s, is a GABA agonist that crosses the blood mind barrier.

Unlike various other GABA agonists (alcohol and benzodiazepines), phenibut primarily binds to the GABA-B receptor (instead of GABA-A).

This results in somewhat similar effects, except you become much more motivated with phenibut (along with a super clear head).

This GABA-B receptor is additionally responsible for sedative characteristics in GHB, that’s why phenibut has possible use for a rest aid (though usually in larger doses). Other compared to sedative similarities, phenibut is perhaps not as powerful as GHB, since it doesn’t bind to the GHB receptor.

What Can I Expect Phenibut to Do to Me? The Effects.

Phenibut has very unique effects. If you compare it to Kratom, you’ll find that it almost features a “background effect”, while kratom is more noticeable (even though phenibut, imo, features a more powerful effect). Instead of feeling different, you just are different (but not in any extreme ways). There is an excellent overwhelming feeling of well being. It puts you within the fucking zone.

Here are the biggest the consequences and most popular uses of phenibut:

  • Relaxed – chill but with a sharp mind
  • “Alpha” – we don’t just like that word but it certainly makes you feel like a boss
  • Reduction with fear, anxiety and nervousness – great if you’re not at ease around women
  • “Sober Drunk”– you’re feeling pretty good but you’re not at all “sloppy” like alcohol
  • Music – sounds incredible
  • Increased libido + orgasm – particularly for women
  • Puts you in the zone – whether you’re making a presentation, socializing, or playing sports

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

  • Sleep aid – leaves you in a deep sleep
  • Reduces Tension
  • Controls nervousness + anxiety
  • Combat Depression
  • Combat Alcoholism (on the other end it also potentates it, 1 beer feels like 3)
  • Improved cognitive function (creativity, memory, inspiration)
  • Improved mood (shown to increase dopamine levels)
  • Tapering kratom
  • Puts you in the zone on dates
  • Makes escalating sex a breeze
  • Sales – Put you in a great social mood
  • Work – other things like public speaking

How One Would Proceed to “Take” Phenibut

This is how you can identify the proper Phenibut dosage.

  1. Weigh out 2 grams of phenibut (this is just a good starting amount, it is possible to boost or lower the quantity next time. For safety reasons (I’ll get to in a sec, it’s best to not go above 3.5 grams).
  2. If you don’t have a scale, there’s is normally a 500mg scoop along with the order.
  3. Take it first thing in the morning along with a stimulant.
  4. You can blend it with an ounce or two of water, then chase it with a sip or two of whatever drink you prefer to reduce the sour taste out.

I find the best stimulant to drink along with it is a full cup of coffee. Although energy drinks work well too. Phenibut helps reduce out any jittery effects commonly expected with stimulants.

Wait a minimum of an hour before eating for the first time.

Alright, so I took it. What Can I Expect Now?

Once you just take it, it will take about 5+ hours to start working. For some, they will view it working in just a few hours.

If you don’t simply take enough in one dose, there’s a possibility you might not notice any effect at all.

In the event that you plan to make use of it to get a boost for a romantic date night or night out, you should wait 6 hours before you go out and take it.

You should constantly take it while on an empty stomach. For instance, first thing in the morning or 2-3 hours after you last ate.

It may take longer to start working if you just take it later in the day after you’ve eaten a meal that day.

For me, it lasts practically the whole day, while the effects begin to diminish after 12 hours of taking it.

Is there any disadvantages or reasons why I wouldn’t want to take Phenibut?

There is a potential for addiction and dependency – after all, with something that gives such a benefit, it’s an addiction that may be similar to making money or having sex.

Fortunately, after a few years experience using phenibut, I did perhaps not find the addiction potential to be any more of a risk than that of alcoholic beverages.

I would not truly call my desire for phenibut an “addiction”, but rather a “craving”.

However, like all my cravings, they can easily be controlled. Addiction is when you can’t control your desire for something.

Phenibut is something that I enjoy, but feel no need or cravings at all to ever simply take it more than 2, sometimes 3 times per week, which is great because that falls inside the recommended usage amount.

We highly recommend you not use it more than 2x a week. While some guys claim they can take phenibut 3-4x/week, I think its best to play it on the safe part – which means you don’t develop a dependency or risk losing effect strength to developing a tolerance to it.

Can I Get Addicted to Phenibut?

If you abuse phenibut by taking it too frequently (more than 4x a week) or constantly taking it in large doses, you will be dependent on it.

This is no different for other common substances just like the caffine in coffee or the alcohol in beer and wine.

Don’t be stupid as distributions are known to really suck.

Phenibut can be quite a very useful tool in everything to excel you over common obstacles like anxiety & fear, also as give you more control when you’re around women. Tolerance from phenibut increases rapidly-I find it works great by taking it Saturday + Sunday, which it then offers me 5 days for my receptors to “reset”.

That’s it!

That is basically whatever you need understand for now to start taking advantage of what phenibut has to offer. I hope it has as much of a positive impact on your life since it features had on mine. This shit is the real deal. Both Phenibut and Kratom are at the top of the most helpful tools I regularly used in my entire life. I wish I also had this available to me while I was in football. It’s the best way for putting yourself in the zone. Experiment with it and keep a strict dosage schedule. Shoot me a message or hit me up on my phenibut video if you ever have any questions relating to this magic powder- I’m glad to help. This things is too good is kept a secret.